Thirty years is a long time to stay in one position. That’s why NBA Commissioner, David Stern announced today during the NBA Board of Governor’s meeting that as of February 01, 2014 he’s going to hang it up and hand the reigns over to someone else.

Who’s that someone else? The board unanimously decided that Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver would be his successor.

“I decided that things are in great shape and there’s an organization in place that will ultimately be led by Adam that is totally prepared to take it to the next level,” Stern said.

I think that this is ultimately the right move. Stern has done some tremendous things for the league that can’t be denied like increasing revenue and television rating, plus expanding teams into other markets. It’s time for some new blood, but parts of me wish that the NBA had done an outside search to pick a new commissioner. Yes…Silver knows the ins and outs of the league, but the NBA is at a point where they need a shock in the worst way to get the fans back interested in the game.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English