NBA MVP Derrick Rose Gets $94 Million Extension

We’re so excited for this Jersey Sports Hottie and 2011 NBA MVP.

The Chicago Tribune has report that the reigning NBA MVP, Derrick Rose, has agreed to a five-year contract extension with the Chicago Bulls worth approximately $94 million. This is the maximum extension that a player can receive under the new CBA. The extension will start in the 2012-13 season, when Rose is eligible to make about $16 million. The Bulls scheduled a news conference for Wednesday, though they won't say what it is for, but it seems the cat's already out the bag. Just to give you a little background information on Rose, he was the #1 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft from the University of Memphis, he was voted the Rookie of the Year and has been voted to the NBA All-Star team twice. In 2010 he was named the league MVP (the youngest player to receive that honor in NBA history) and joined Michael Jordan as the only other Bull to receive that honor. ...And yes ladies he is single. Your J.G.F., Marcelle English

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