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NBA Widow Spends $1 Million in 10 Months

NBA Widow Spends $1 Million in 10 Months

If you can remember back to 2010 when NBA player Lorenzen Wright was killed by a gunshot to the head, you will remember how tragic the entire story was for this young athlete and his family.

Wright earned over $55 million during his career and was divorced only a couple of months before his death from Sherra Robinson-Wright. After Robinson-Wright was cleared of being a suspect in the shooting, she received a check for $1 million dollars. After only 10 months that million is almost gone.

Here’s what she spent it on…

• $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade

• $26,000 for a Lexus

• $69,000 on furniture

• $11,750 for a New York trip

• $339,000 for purchase and improvement to a new home

• $7,100 for a pool deposit

• $5,000 for lawn equipment

• $34,000 on legal fees

The money was left and supposed to go towards taking care of Wright’s six children. The mismanagement of money was brought to the attention of the Memphis courts and after an investigation a judge took the remaining money away from Robinson-Wright and gave the remainder for Lorenzen Wright’s father. The other money that the family received as death benefits from the NBA was also frozen.

When Wright died, he was paying $16,650 per month in child another $10,000 in alimony, giving his ex-wife a total of $319,000 per year.

This story is so sad for the children. Not only do they not have a father anymore, their mother is throwing away what money they do have to keep up with the Jones’.

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Marcelle English



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  1. Melanie

    So incredibly sad

  2. Joan Durtz


  3. kwhit190211

    What else is news? It seems like the kids always get the shaft!! The so called parents only think of themselves, sometimes. This lady was hell bent on pissing away 1 million bucks. She buys a $339,000.00 dollar house, just how in the heck is she going to afford all the taxes that go along with this purchase, do people ever think?? Looks like the kids will be going back to their old digs soon with a Caddy parked out front. Specking of which. What she going to do, drive 10 feet get out & drive the Lexas 10 & so on to use 2 new vehicles? What a jerk!

  4. Yvgeny

    The estate should get their money back. If they can freeze the money after 1,000,000 dollars were spent, they could freeze it after $1 was spent. Women are just so greedy and stupid fools, apologies to good moms.

  5. john boss

    women abuse the child support system

  6. s macneill

    what a shame guess us tax payers will add 7 more mouths to support in the future

  7. radeem

    do the math, thats only $523,850.00. Also do all the kids live with her thats toward there comfort of life….by the way I’am a male…………leave the poor girl alone for gods sake………..not to mention most high has the final word…………..PEACE FAM

  8. My people

    OK, now is the time to look back into the shooting of this young man. Maybe there is something more there. Thanks to the Judge, for saving the kids, from there Mother.I hope she never get another dime. And did they ever find out who kill this young man? If so please post it.

  9. Radeem

    Hey Melanie, there is nothing sad about you…:)………Again people the MOST HIGH will sort it out…….and kids will grow up and realize one way or the other………….

  10. bobby Rollin

    That’s why states are giving kids to dads because moms now a days are just out for self. Before you comment the baby can’t drive and escalade. She needs therapy!

  11. TWiz

    Gee, what a surprise!

  12. Chicago Girl

    Sounds like the NBA player could have benefitted from an estate planning attorney. Risk of mismanagement of insurance money is greatly reduced by wills and trusts. Folks (athletes, rappers, etc) have spent more on less. No need to make her out as the villian or worse the criminal.

  13. Jeff S

    This doesn’t seem all that bad. $11,000 on a trip to NY is excessive, but if that’s the biggest waste out of a $1 million that’s not so bad. Sounds like she mostly spent the money on a decent place to live.

    And the headline is way off. She didn’t spend close to a $1 million. Barely half.

  14. Jones

    I don’t believe it’s the “Jones” because this Jones family knows better. I wonder where that expression came from????

    It is very sad for the children because they are innocent is all this. Our prayers are with them. I am glad to know that it was true of what our parents taught us. Some people makes money and some people money makes.

    In all our ways we are to acknowledge our Creator and He will direct our paths.


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