NBA Wife and Top Fashion Designer Jackie Christie Released Her 2011 Jackie Christie “Black Collection” at LA Fashion Week and Plans to Donate Proceeds Los Angeles-Based Charities

NBA wife and top fashion designer Jackie Christie released her 2011 Jackie Christie "Black Collection" at LA Fashion Week for the popular Fashion Minga Runway show at Los Angeles hot spot Boulevard3 to a standing room only crowd of fashion connoisseurs. Attendants were appreciative of her line that offered sexy, well-defined pieces that had a strong European flare, reminding one of the Paris and N.Y. runways. The collection raised major applause as her models cascaded down the catwalk, including celebrity model/actress Angell Conwell, from the popular TV soap The Young & The Restless. Other celebrity guests who attended the show were J.R. Martinez of All My Children, Natasha Alam of True Blood, Printz Board of The Black Eyed Peas, Angell Conwell of The Young & The Restless, Thom Barry of Cold Case and The Fast & Furious, Vanessa Branch of Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, and 3, Baroness Stefanie Von Pfetten and Cedric Martinez of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live and Snakes on a Plane, Donna D'Errico of Austin Powers Goldmember and Baywatch, Harvey E. Walden,of VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, and Chani Christie, star of Cali Girls' cast members from Days of Our Lives and many more. "It is always a pleasure for me to show my lines here in Los Angeles to such a supportive, fun and fashion forward crowd. I'm looking forward to showing my spring/summer 2012 collection this fall," states Christie Jackie, who will donate proceeds from the sales of her collection to local Los Angeles-based charities and homeless shelters, to serve the underprivileged with food, clothing and hygiene supplies through the Infinite Love foundation, which she runs with her husband, NBA star Doug Christie. About Jackie Christie: Jackie Christie, fashion designer, model, producer and best selling author, has dressed many celebrities, athletes, NBA wives, and many more in her pieces. She is the wife of NBA star Doug Christie and the CEO of the successful record label Jean Rah Fya Records. She is currently writing her new much-anticipated book, "Sexual Relations, A his and hers guide to greater intimacy." Jackie is also set to star in her new web series "Jackie Christie Knows Best," coming this spring. Make sure you check out Jackie's collection at Your J.G.F., Marcelle

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