Who’s Right & Who’s Wrong…NBA’s Best & Worst Dressed

by Horace Holloman III, Jersey Girl Sports Contributor

LeBron James is known for being a well dressed man, but recently King James made a questionable fashion faux pas by sporting a purse…that’s right a man purse or “murse” if you will.

The two time league MVP confidently strolled into the Staples Center with what appeared to be a small leathery carrying case by his side right before Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately James couldn’t carry the Heat in his purse as his team lost 93-83. LeBron’s fashion choices make me wonder who the best and worst dressed players in the NBA.


3.  Kevin Durant – Kevin Durant has slowly matured from wearing his famous back-packs all the time to a fashion forward stud.  The lanky NBA star is seen sitting next to rapper Common at the 2012 NBA- all star Celebrity Basketball game. I personally like the back packs and it’s nice to see him coordinate so well with a blue blazer and the socks aren’t bad either.

NBA All Star Celebrity Basketball

2. Dwyane Wade – Dwyane Wade’s knack for making any style look easy is quiet remarkable. Below we see him pull off a matching tie and handkerchief combination with a perfectly tied pratt knot which fits perfectly well with his sports jacket. It’s clean, cool, and classy well done Wade.

1. LeBron James – When it comes to fashion LeBron James is still KING! Purse or not LeBron has been on the cover of the notable fashion publication GQ magazine and whether LeBron gets a ring or not at least he can do it in style. Tell me who else do you know that can wear a scarf with a suit jacket and then coordinate it with a belt and handkerchief? Answer LeBron!


3. Joakim Noah – Noah is known for a lot of things, his energy on the court, tenacity and his ability to rebound the ball, but fashion is not one of them. This velvet pumpkin pie orange sports coat is not a good look but at least he’s got his game to back it up.

2. Gilbert Arenas – Usually this NBA all-star is known for his sound fashion choices but this abomination to style lands him at number two on my list. I can look past the oversized chain dangling from his neck, I can even look past gaudy black and white leather jacket, but one thing I can’t ignore is the matching leather tie. I mean that’s even worse than bringing a gun to work, Gilbert you should know better.

1. Tracy McGrady – What can I say about this that hasn’t been said. Showing off a look like this at any time in your career should land you at the number one spot on any worst dressed fashion list. The Atlanta Hawk forward is wearing what appears to be 12 endangered animals over his shoulder and goggle sunglasses would be better suited for someone looking for a career in aviation.

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