After losing four wide-receivers to injury, the Patriots know it’s time to move. Today they signed wide-receiver Austin Collie. Collie was cut by the San Francisco 49ers at the end of training camp and has been looking for one last shot.

The issue, however, is his past issues with head trauma. The recent lawsuit against the NFL by ex-NFL players have left some teams shaky about signing players with a history of concussions. Collie is willing to take the risk and he said he’ll sign something to prove it:

“I’ll sign a waiver, all right?” he said. “They’re not going to have to worry about me suing. I’ll hold myself to be accountable.”

Considering the situation, this is his best chance back on the gridiron and with his best season being in 2009, he’ll have to work hard for a permanent stay in what is probably a temporary stop.

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~Angela Davis