The LeBron James brand is ever expanding and it seems he’s taken a liking to Hollywood this year. In the latest Bron-Bron venture, a movie based on a documentary about his life in high school taken from a documentary called More Than A Game is reportedly in final talks for production. According to Variety,

“Dallas Buyers Club” producer Rachel Winter and husband Terence will produce along with James and his manager Maverick Carter. The project is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers.


After the film stalled in development, Rachel Winter approached James and Carter two years ago to put some life into the project and helped bring on Flowers in January to put the gears further in motion on getting this film to a studio.

The story was covered in the 2008 documentary “More Than a Game,” which followed James and his four high school teammates through their playing career together and the ups and downs that came with it while James’ fame grew.

Well that’s cool! Dallas Buyers Club won the Oscar for Best Picture this year! I wonder what the focus will be of this movie. Given the title of the documentary I’m sure his home life, budding basketball career and issues in his community in Cleveland will be a major part of the movie.  I do wonder if issues with his father will be addressed.

I wonder who will be cast as LeBron James. That will be interesting,

I’m actually looking forward to seeing it. Will you watch?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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