When Gia Allemand, a former contestant on the reality-tv show The Bachelor committed suicide on August 14th, it was yet another sad reminder about the harsh realities of depression and the awareness that’s needed about the silent disease that affects so many. While we initially think of those suffering, it’s those who are left behind that have to pick up the pieces. Such is the case of Pelican’s forward Ryan Anderson. 

He was the Allemand’s boyfriend. 

In a pregame interview with Anderson, he talked about the struggle of moving on. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel he said:

“My faith is what gets me though. Things don’t happen…that doesn’t happen for no reason,” he said.


“I know where Gia’s heart was at. I know where she’s at. She’s in heaven right now. She’s incredibly happy. She’s pain-free. She’s not feeling that way anymore. And now it’s my mission that God has given me to voice this, to help a lot of people through her story. I’m really going to focus a lot on that.



Ryan Anderson has last moment at funeral

Ryan Anderson has last moment at funeral




“I feel like that’s why I’m here. Basketball isn’t why I’m here. This is why God put me on Earth.”


Near tears and his voice cracking, Anderson said getting through every day is a challenge.

Anderson even talked about how this tragedy has given him perspective.


“Every day’s a roller-coaster, man. Every day is hard,” he said. “I miss her every second…but I owe this to her. I owe this to myself. I don’t want to just be a basketball player and go home and have my life just revolve around that.

“I want it to be about changing lives, be a difference-maker. This has really helped me grow up.”

I guess we all need our wake-up calls–something that shakes us to our core and makes us realize what’s really important. I wish Anderson well as he continues to grieve, and hope he uses her death to inspire life to someone else.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis