New video shows Pacman Jones may have acted in self-defense in altercation with woman (VIDEO)

When we first heard that Adam 'Pacman' Jones was being sued by a woman for an assault that took place outside of a nightclub, we shook our heads, hoping that his claim of innocence was true. Well, it seems it is! A new video released shows that Pacman's story of self-defense may be true. In the video in the top left corner you can see a woman approach Jones around the 57 second mark. Then you see her throw a drink or bottle at him around the 1:02 mark and he subsequently hit her. You can't determine if it was a slap or a punch, but he reacted.  Watch: While some may say that Jones could have or should have restrained himself, the fact is that throwing a drink on someone is considered assault and he has a right to defend himself. This tape may be his saving grace, though I still say he ought to stay out of and away from nightclubs. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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