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Newest Jersey Girl, Jenique K. Talks Fashion, Beauty & Sports…OH MY!

Fashion & Beauty Editor, Jersey Girl Sports

Hey Jersey Girls,

I’m JeniqueK, the newest addition to the Jersey Girl Sports family as the Fashion & Beauty Editor. I will be your guide in this crazy and exciting world of fashion and beauty.

Now I already know what you are thinking, who are you and why do I need a guide. I am a retired fashion model turned makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and fashion/beauty blogger that simply LOVES playing in clothes and makeup.

Truth be told, we all need a guide! From the latest fashions off the runway, to how & when to wear Spanx, to should I be exfoliating 2-3 times a week? Trust me…we’ve all asked those types of questions, even myself. Fashion & beauty is ever changing and can be very scary without the proper guide and instruction. I’m here to give you the hottest tips and tricks so you can always be your most FAB!

Who else is going to keep you up to date with fashion trends, new products, and just have all around good time…ME!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will get your “Must Have Mondays”, “What’s Really Up With That Wednesday” and your “FAB Fashion Fridays”.

I look forward to keeping all of you in the know. Be sure to following me on Twitter at @JeniqueK, or check me out on my website at

This is going to be fun! Until later…

Your Girl,


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