When Michael Jordan’s shoe sold for more than $100 in 1986 people were shocked. In 2002 the Air Jordan XVII sold for more than $200.

This fall, Nike will release the Lebron X for about $300. Wow!

For sneaker enthusiasts, this pricetag may be hefty, but worth it. For the rest of us, we wanna know what we get with sneakers that cost that much. A date with Lebron? A private basketball lesson?

Here’s what the shoe offers:

  • Nike’s signature support system
  • Motion sensors in the shoe to track various metrics
  • Data compilation including how high a player jumps

I guess that makes them worth it, but I don’t wear sneakers unless I’m going to the gym. Many people are outraged by this price in the current state of the economy.

But that doesn’t seem to stop them from flying off the shelves.

I don’t know if I’d buy a pair of these for my child. While I like Lebron, there’s plenty things I can think of doing with three-hundred dollars.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend, 

~Angela Davis