‘NFL and Chill’: The best way to have date night during the NFL season

by Angela Davis/@ladyadavis Ladies the NFL season is here, and if you are anything like me, you're locked in and ready for great games in the coming months. If you're in a relationship,  your love for the NFL could complicate matters. Hopefully, your significant other is a sports fan, so this transition is easy. In fact, the best way to have date night during the NFL season is a 'NFL & Chill'. Yes. I stole the term from Netflix, but it works. You and your boo-thang should cuddle up on the sofa, with food, drinks and enthusiasm for the games. Want to make it even more fun? Make sexy wagers or bets on scores per/quarter, which team will win or make it even more interesting by taking shots every time a word like, "fumble" is said during the game. (Please drink responsibly and do NOT drive if you play this game.)
NFL and Chill
NFL and Chill
What you do during halftime is on you. 'NFL and Chill' is the best way to enjoy the game and make it a fun part of your relationship, because sports is more than just the game--it's a lifestyle.  

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