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NFL clear tote bags now available to order

NFL clear tote bags now available to order

The new NFL clear bags are here! That’s right, Jersey Girls. The NFL is now taking orders on its new clear tote bags.

After much criticism and backlash from women about the new NFL rule banning handbags at NFL games,  has now made these bags available for order. The tote bags will have either the NFL shield on them or team logos. The team logo bags are not available just yet. The bags also have a zippered top closure, contrast trim and double handles. 

The bags are only $11.99 and orders will ship around the first week in August. 

NFL All Clear tote bag

NFL All Clear tote bag

I did notice that this bag is larger than the handbag I would normally carry to an NFL game, but the issue here is safety. The clear bags make it easier for security personnel to check, and because off all that has happened in the recent months, the NFL has taken a stance and implemented this rule for public safety.

The bag is also big enough for women who bring young children to games and you can fit a small clutch or other bag in it to conceal those “unmentionables”.

Remember you can always carry your own bag, provided it meets the NFL requirements


So go forth and order your bags! Go to or click here. 

Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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