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NFL Commissioner Gives Green Light for 2014 NFL Pro Bowl

NFL Commissioner Gives Green Light for 2014 NFL Pro Bowl

I have to admit that I thought that I had seen my last NFL Pro Bowl game this past January, but according to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell it looks like he’s going to give it another try.

Goodell announced in Phoenix at the NFL Annual Meeting that the NFL’s all-star game will happen in 2014, but not without conditions and changes.  One possible scenario could be that the team’s appointed captain would choose his team. The example that was given would be that Payton Manning would pick his team for the AFC and Eli Manning would pick his team for the NFC.

While I believe that would take away from the fan inaction, the Commission seemed to be really pondering that idea.

Another change that could be put into effect for 2014 is the player’s payout structure. Although the commissioner was happy with the 2013 performance of the players and the overall game, the pay for play as it is now just isn’t sitting well with him.

“The answer going forward will be again if some of these changes are effective and positive and lead to a better event, we’ll continue to find ways to make this game better and more popular with our fans,” Goodell said. “Ultimately, that’s what we’re looking for.”

In addition to the game itself, its timing also brought in a lot of conversation. The game will continued to be played a week before the Super Bowl and for now it will be played in Hawaii. There are talks for the game to travel to different cities similar to the way the NBA All-Star game does, but there was no concrete decision on that. However if that does become the case, Hawaii will continue to be in the city rotation.

Seriously I can’t believe that more thought about how to make this game better or at the least more viewable wasn’t talked about. While fans did tune in to watch the 2013 game, it still isn’t going to be the huge hallmark that it used to be. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I still believe that a pro bowl committee needs to be assembled, take off a year and come up with some real innovative ways to bring a better connection between the fans, the players and the game. As long as it’s a week before the Super Bowl there will always be a huge hurdle to jump.

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