The wonderful people over at Sports Illustrated have created an inaugural list of the top 50 most powerful individuals in sports for their “Power Issue” and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell tops the list.

Now the uproar isn’t about his position on the list but the cover illustration that has the Commissioner sitting on the same iron throne used to promote the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones.


While the entry that describes Goodell doesn’t talk about him in the context of the show, but it does make reference to concussions being the NFL’s Battle of Blackwater and how the NFL’s young crop of rookie quarterbacks are the dragons to Goodell’s Daenerys.

While fans, players and even the media have their own opinions of how they feel about Goodell or the job that he is doing, you can’t discount that he is most definitely the most powerful person in sports. While I hate to bring up the darkest moment of our life, the lockout, we all were reminded of the impact that the NFL has on our lives and businesses. However the reenactment of the show’s promotional poster with Goodell sitting at the helm is a bit much and in my opinion fully associates with the type of reputation that he is trying to get away from.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English