If you’re still mad about the controversial by the refs during the last play of the New England Patriots – Carolina Panthers Monday Night Football game, don’t look to the NFL for support.

Dean Blandino, vice-president of officiating said the refs used “proper mechanics” to make a “tight judgment call.” The ball thrown by Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski was intercepted. When one ref threw the flag seemingly for a pass interference by Kuechly on Gronkowski, another ref picked up the flag cancelling the call. Blandino explained the reason for the change in the call:

“The issue isn’t the contact [between Kuechly and Gronkowski], the issue is the restriction and does it occur prior to the ball being touched,” Blandino explained Tuesday during his segment on the NFL Network. “At full speed the officials made a tight judgment call and they determined that the restriction occurred just as the ball was being touched [by Panthers safety Robert Lester]. Again, at full speed you can see why they made that call.”

Depending on the angle you view the play, you may agree or disagree, but pass interference calls are not reviewable leaving officials to make judgment calls. Referee Clete Blakeman said the ball was determined to be uncatchable. Had the pass interference call stood, the Patriots would have received an untimed play on the one yard line.

I don’t know if you watched the game Monday night, but certainly you’ve seen reviews about this play. The game was amazing and true to football, you have to watch to the end.

Do you agree with the call?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis