“The Guts and the Glory of Football” 

art by Steve Sabol

As the artistic visionary behind NFL Films, Steve Sabol has changed the way we watch football. While his name is synonymous with the NFL, a little known fact is that he has always had an interest in art–an interest fueled by his mother who he calls a “forerunner of pop art”.

Jersey Girl Sports had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Sabol and viewing his fabulous art collection at Super Bowl XLV at the “Winners and Wine” event in Ft. Worth, TX. Mr. Sabol marries football and pop art in a way that’s fun, interesting and appealing to all. If you’re in the Deal Park, New Jersey area his collection will run at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center–Gallery on Grant the entire month of April.

So, ladies take your man out for a date and you get your art and some football!

Mr. Sabol is an inspiration to Jersey Girl Sports and having had the pleasure of meeting him, I am excited that those in the New Jersey area will have an opportunity to view fantastic art by a great man we consider a good friend.


Your JGF,

~Angela Davis