NFL Legend Jim Brown Makes a Browns’ Comeback

Who says you can’t make a comeback at 77? NFL Legend Jim Brown, one of the greatest of all time is heading back to the Cleveland Browns. On Wednesday, Brown will be formally introduced by team owner Jimmy Haslam to a new position with the club. Everyone’s mum on what that position will be, but many are just happy to have Brown back in the Browns mix. Brown hasn’t worked with or been affiliated with the team since former President Mike Holmgren fired him in May, 2010, as executive advisor to former owner Randy Lerner. As expected Brown felt disrespected, this led to him boycotting his induction into the team’s Ring of Honor class.
“I’m stuck with being No. 32 of the Cleveland Browns,” Brown said at a Browns alumni golf outing in September. “Can’t do anything about it. Don’t want to do anything about it.   “You don’t have to like my politics. The fact is we are married because of that history. And if I can be a part of the development of a new, winning attitude … man, that would be fantastic.”
We’ll keep you posted on what Brown’s role after tomorrow’s press conference. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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