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NFL = ‘Nice For Ladies’ : Top 5 Reasons Women Love the NFL

“NFL: Nice For Ladies”

-Top Five Reason Women Love the NFL-

                Contrary to public opinion, women love football. In fact, over forty percent of football fans are women. If football is a man’s mistress, it is also fast becoming a woman’s “friend with benefits”– and just what are those benefits? Well we’ve got the top five right here:

1. Monday Night = Ladie’s Night: Kick-start the week off right. On Mondays, after a long day at the office, we’ll change out of our suit and into our favorite jeans, team jersey or sexy tee and meet up with our “JGFs” — Jersey Girlfriends at our favorite sports bar. Nothing can turn around a bad day like a good game, and Monday night football can get it done. Plus there will be a lot of men there so we’ll flirt a little, laugh alot and enjoy the game!

2. Hotties: Yes, jersey girls enjoy a good game, but we also enjoy looking at the men who play them! A good tight end, a nice ‘lined’ backer and cute corner will keep us smiling regardless if our team is winning or losing.

3. The Sports Bar Is the New Date Spot: Yes, it’s true. Jersey girls are women who can speak the game, so a date night watching a game at a sports bar makes a great dating location. It’s neutral, fun and can ease the tension of getting to know someone. Sports bars level the playing field. We can ask him questions so he feels good about his sports knowledge, and we can impress him with ours.






4. Winning: That’s right, we love winning game bets against men. Every jersey girl knows a man who feels superior to a woman where sports is concerned and winning that game bet is satisfaction like no other. Want to have more fun? Raise the stakes: dinner, money or better yet, a pair of shoes!






5. Tailgates and Viewing Parties: If you’re single, tailgating is a great way to meet men. Again, sports are the great equalizer and tailgating and viewing parties are nice ways to meet new people and have fun. Grab a group of friends and celebrate the home team.

Jersey girls all over the country are getting their fantasy teams together, setting up their Sunday schedules and getting their sports apparel ready for this season. NFL is ‘Nice For Ladies’—because we’re jersey girls. We can enjoy a game as much as any man—just with better shoes. Game on!

Your JGF,


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