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NFL Player Leaves League To Go To Medical School

NFL Player Leaves League To Go To Medical School

This week many college football players have stars in their eyes and dreams on playing in the NFL as the draft kicks off this Thursday at Radio City Music Hall, but for one player the dream of being an NFL player has come to an end and a new dream is on the horizon.

Many may remember Rolle not only from his days at Florida State but also for what some called a conversational decision in 2009 to not enter the NFL draft and take a year off to study at Oxford after receiving a Rhodes Scholarship. Some say that decision cost Rolle when he finally entered the draft in 2010 and was the last pick of the sixth round to the Tennessee Titans.

Rolle was released from the Titans in 2011 and was then picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers and released in the 2012 preseason.  After his release Rolle said during an interview that there were still a few teams interested but he realized that his priorities lie somewhere else.

The new priority is medical school. That’s right…Rolle is retiring from the NFL and headed to medical school to to pursue a career in neurosurgery.

“I still received interest from a few teams, and it didn’t have to be over,” Rolle told Lost Letterman. “Then I said to myself, ‘I can knock my head against the wall for 8-9 years or move on to medicine.’ I was leaving the game with no concussions and dexterity in both my hands, where I could be a neurosurgeon one day.”

With the NFL behind him, Rolle is waiting to hear back from medical schools, and is currently serving an administrative fellowship at AmeriHealth Caritas, a Philadelphia managed care organization.

“My advice to a lot of players that are going to get drafted is save your money, live responsibly,” said Rolle. “Hire good advisers, and trust them. Take care of your bodies as much as possible.”

Rolle became the third man to receive a Rhodes Scholarship and play professional football. The previous two are Byron White, a former Supreme Court justice, and Pat Haden, currently the athletic director at USC.


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