NFL players denied entrance into exclusive London nightclub because they were ‘too urban’

by Angela Davis/@ladyadavis/@jerseygirlsport Jersey Girl Sports fam, the off season gives NFL players the opportunity to travel and take a much needed rest. For New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram and several players, their vacation in London was going well until they were turned away from a club where they had reservations because they were, "too urban". Too urban as in 'too black', 'too ethnic' or 'too dark'? If it wasn't a race thing how could they tell what part of the city these Americans lived? What about their look defines 'urban'. I'll wait. Of course, the club denied that this was a race issue saying this is a part of their policy. We proudly celebrate diversity, not only as part of our shows, but as part of who we are,” Cirque le Soir said. “We would not dismiss anyone as ‘too urban’ and we would not turn anyone away on the basis of their ethnicity, sexuality or any other characteristic -- other than those expressed in our door policy.” According to the club, they were just following their policy, which allows them to turn away “male-heavy entourages.”  The club also added that if Ingram and his friends want to get in next time, they need to bring some girls.   “Discretion lies with our door staff and while we sympathise with Mark and his friends we fully support our employees’ right to challenge groups that do not adhere to our door policy,” the club said. “Admitting an all-male group goes against our policy and is clearly stated on Facebook and on all reservation confirmation emails.”
Ingram shared his story on social media, but also stated that London has been a great experience.

Everyone in England has been amazing so far!!! This was our first  encounter entire trip! I ❤️ England!  

So, Ingram and his crew should stick to more 'suburban' friendly clubs, where men are allowed to attend in groups, and discretion isn't subject to ignorance. What do you think?

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