NFL Relationship Playbook: We Live this game!

NFL Relationship Playbook

What does flag on the play mean? What’s this pocket quarterbacks are always in and why is it important?  Trying to learn football game basics along with the terms and plays can be overwhelming, and that's why we created Jersey Girl Sports University. This is a way for us to learn about our favorite sports the way women understand it. The truth is that football is very similar to our social lives and understanding that connection can make football fun and easy to learn! We’ve gathered common football terms and concepts and made the jersey girl sports connection: Gridiron the term commonly used for the football playing field because of the lines on the field create a "grid" and because of the tough nature of the sport.
JGS Connection: The gridiron is no different than a sports bar, a bar, lounge or any social spot. Why? Well, it can be tough in these spots, and like the gridiron, every few inches a man is coming at you with a play.
Offensethe team trying to score. Defense: the team trying to prevent them from scoring.
JGS Connection: Men are always on offense, trying to score. Women are usually on defense, trying to stop them. 
Rookies: young, newly drafted players Restricted Free Agents: players able to seek new contracts, but must give current team consideration Unrestricted Free Agents: players free to seek new contracts without consideration Veterans: usually under a contract, seasoned players
JGS Connection: Imagine this scene: You’re at a sports bar watching the game and at halftime you get approached by a younger man whose conversation reveals he has no real experience and who’s eager to please. You’re flattered, but he’s a rookie and you’re too old to date him, and too young to be a cougar.  You smile again and think about the last guy you were dating. At one point you were a restricted free agent --dating exclusively. You were technically able to entertain opportunities from interested men, but you gave him a chance to step his game up before you ended the relationship. While thinking about this, the bartender sends over a drink and a business card from a man across the bar waving at you. You notice his wedding band. He’s a veteran. He’s experience but under a contract. You politely accept the drink and send the card back. Why? Because you’re an unrestricted free agent; you’re single!  You can entertain any opportunity you want and may the best man win!
Huddle: the circle the players get into to determine the play Audible: last minute change of play called by the quarterback Flag On The Play: flag thrown by referees when a rule violation is committed Pocket: the protective half circle formed around the quarterback to protect him
JGS Connection: Your birthday happens to fall on a Monday. Early that morning you get a birthday call from your jersey girlfriends (JGFs) and you guys huddle and decide to meet up for dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.  As you head out of the office you overhear your male colleagues talk about the exciting Monday Night Football game.  Suddenly you decide that going to the sports bar is the best way to  celebrate your birthday so you text all your friends at the last minute and call an audible ---change the plans and tell everybody to meet up at the sports bar.   When you arrive at the sports bar you get a prime seat with a nice view of the flat screen television. Your JGFs walk in, and you notice one has on black leopard flats with a pair of sports socks. You immediately call a flag on the play and make her take the socks off. After a few hours of fun, a guy approaches the table and you notice he looks familiar. You recognize him as your ex-boyfriend. He tries to approach you but your JGFs move in front of you and around you keeping you in the pocket to protect you. You thank him for the birthday wishes, send him on his way, and enjoy the rest of your night.
See jersey girls, we live the game of football. So the next time you see your friend in a dress that’s unflattering, call a flag on the play and tell her to put on some Spanx. When you’re on the gridiron at the sports bar beware of veterans acting like unrestricted free agents and rookies pretending to be veterans. Now that you can make the connection, call your JGFs and let’s get ready for some football! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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