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NFL Star Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

NFL Star Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson was arrested late Saturday night for domestic violence against his wife of one-month, Evelyn Lozada.

Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada during an argument  about a condom receipts found by Lozada. Johnson says that the incident was an accident. He claims that as the two were talking, they simultaneously leaned in and bumped heads accidentally. Evelyn Lozada was treated on site due to lacerations on her forehead and then later taken to a nearby hospital.

The Miami Dolphins have released a statement saying, ” We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering all relevant information.” According to ESPN, Johnson is still in police custody and will not be able to see a judge until early Monday morning.

Really Chad….a head-butt???

I want to be surprised and shocked but I’m not. Johnson made it VERY clear on the show Basketball Wives that he has issues with commitment and fidelity. He communicated this point very clearly to Evelyn which obviously fell on deaf ears.

I guess now the show storyline will be about how Evelyn ‘picks up the pieces of her life and moves on’. I guess we are supposed to have some sort of sympathy for her–NOT!

I still stick by my original assessment that this entire relationship, including the sham of a  wedding was a publicity stunt perpetuated by Lozada who really just wanted her own show. Regardless of my personal feelings about Lozada, I don’t think she’s a dumb woman. I think she’s trying to make the most of her 15-minutes —in the worst way. In this case, Jennifer was right about their relationship and Lozada ends up doing more damage to her already horrible reputation.

Perhaps this is some sort of Karma. I mean, you can’t go around causing chaos and destroying relationships and expect yours to be peaceful.

Congrats Evelyn. You’re back in the spotlight. I hope your wounds, both physically and emotionally start to heal.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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