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Nike Releases ‘Very Colorful’ LeBron X MVP Shoe

Nike Releases ‘Very Colorful’ LeBron X MVP Shoe

Skittles are no longer the only thing that is a rainbow of flavors.

To commemorate LeBron James’ fourth MVP award, Nike unveiled a new edition of their LeBron X MVP basketball shoe. James wore the shoes during the Heat’s Monday night playoff game against the Bulls and boy were they…interesting. The special edition footwear made for the Miami Heat forward are only available in limited quantities in North America and China, according to Nike’s website.

Nike contends that the shoes are intended to “weave the story of James’s incredible journey over the past year,” which judging by the design appears to have been all over the place. There’s a lion’s head embossed on the inside of the shoe’s tongue, each shoe comes with different colored soles and shoelaces and the left shoe doesn’t match the right shoe.

Nike released pics to show you every angle of the shoe and besides its colorfulness; it’s honestly not that masculine. At least LeBron still has his game to fall back on.





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