Nike unveils new NFL uniforms and apparel

Nike revealed the new line of NFL uniforms and apparel. Nike is now the exclusive provider for the NFL edging out Adidas.The new uniforms  didn't go through many changes to the look, but the new designs to the fabric make them  sleek, and durable --with a little flair and creativity. Take a look:


Even the small items, like gloves have been redesigned: (to be purchased by the public)

The good news is that this new apparel will be available for fans to purchase at the end of April. Woo-hoo!


The company reportedly paid $1.1 billion for the right to be the league's official provider for the next five years. Damn!! Are we in a recession or what? I'm actually liking these new uniforms. Currently, I  look past the uniforms to focus on the bodies in them, and while I don't plan on changing that focus, I'm now more inclined to see the surface---even if it's only just for a second. Well done Nike. I'll be buying some of this gear. Your JGF, ~Angela Davis

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