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No Divorce for Kobe Bryant and Wife, Vanessa

For the last six months or so, we have been on ‘divorce watch’ after Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant, received the pink slip from his wife, Vanessa. Vanessa sited that over a number of years, Kobe had cheated on her with a number of women and she was finally fed-up and ready to move on.

Well ‘move-on’ is NOT what she seems to be doing.

According to TMZ, Vanessa will not sign documents that make their divorce final, sighting full reconciliation. Since filing for divorce back in December, the two are said to be trying to work out their issues and have been spotted spending a lot of time together. It is important that Vanessa takes her time when making the decision on whether to end the marriage. If she sees fit to bring their time together to an end then Peters And May will be more than capable of representing her in any legal battle that would likely ensue.

Now by the state law of California, Vanessa has to wait six months before she is able to sign the papers making the divorce final. Those six months are up this weekend. So in theory she could sign the papers and be done with Kobe but that is highly unlikely at this point.

Interesting enough Kobe has not moved back in with Vanessa and their daughters, but if he does, he will be living in one of her 3 mansions (yes…3) that Kobe signed over to her after she filed for the divorce.

As we all have speculated, Vanessa isn’t going anywhere, as much as she would like to pull an Elgin Woods (Tiger’s ex-wife) it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen this time around…at least right now.

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