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No HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ For Cleveland Browns And Manziel

No HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ For Cleveland Browns And Manziel

One of the best (in my opinion) sports reality shows on television is HBO’s Hard Knocks. If you’ve never seen the series, it really gives you a real behind the scenes look at what it takes a build a football team starting with training camp all the way to the last game of the pre-season. But before we can even get to that, a team needs to be selected.

While Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns are on the lips of everyone these days, I hate to disappoint fans but we won’t be seeing Manziel and the Browns on the HBO reality series. Browns head coach, Mike Pettine, has decline the opportunity to showcase the team on HBO starting in August.

“It was for the same reason we didn’t feel super comfortable having a camera in the draft room,” Pettine said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Let’s get through the first time, let’s get through the first year.”


“There are positives and negatives to doing it,” Pettine said, according to the paper. “It’s not something I would say we’d never do, partly because the league can make us do it.”

Since the Browns have passed on the opportunity, what’s another team that would be a good showing for the series?

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