No, we can’t babysit! Top 5 rules you need to know about Jersey Girls during NFL season

by Angela Davis |@jerseygirlsport |@ladyadavis Hey sports fam. Since we are upon the start of the NFL regular season, some of the rules about the season need to be stated. There are rules about watching the game and even rules about what to wear to games or sports bars. However, there are some rules about the season that are specific for those who don't understand fandom-especially when it comes to women. Since sports is still considered a man's world, women who enjoy football don't get the 'pass' that men get during the season. Because of that, we have the top five rules about the season that you need to know when it comes to Jersey Girls. 1. We Don't Babysit On Sundays - As the title of the article suggests, Sundays are the holy grail for NFL fans--even women. We go to church, eat and then get ready for a day of NFL. Yes, a DAY. If we're college football fans, you might strike out on Saturdays too. During the post-season, just don't ask. It's faith, family, and football. That's how it works. Babysitting doesn't fit the agenda. 2. If You Don't Like Football, We Probably Shouldn't Date - The start of the NFL season presents an intense 16 weeks, and more if you include the post season. Dating someone who doesn't care about the game is just not a good fit. 3. When In Doubt, We're Watching The Game - This is the rule and foregone conclusion if you're ever wondering what we're doing on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday night. If it's the post-season, the answer is always yes. 4. Don't ASSume We Don't Understand The Game - It's always interesting to look at the faces of men, particularly, when a Jersey Girl starts talking about the game. When she starts breaking down the offense and defense, some become speechless. The truth is that Jersey Girls usually make it a point to understand the game, so don't be surprised when she calls a 'flag on the play' on your Monday morning quarterbacking!  5. We Don't Engage In The Game The Same Way As A Man - A Jersey Girl doesn't have to know every stat about a player or team, and she doesn't have to know where players fall in terms of the others who play his position. Much of the sports-talk and conversations are opinions, at best. We don't connect the same way, and we don't have to. When you question a Jersey Girl about some random sports stat or ancient football trivia and she gives you the *blank stare* -- it's not that she doesn't know. It's that she probably doesn't care to "prove" her worthiness. Stop it. We might get a martini at the sports bar, rock cute jeans and heels and even have the latest in grilled food for the tailgate--and all that's OK. We're Jersey Girls. Understanding and following these rules will make all of our lives easier and better. Now, let's get ready for some football!  

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