No win for Dale Jr.; He causes fiery crash in 12th lap (VIDEO)

If a  NASCAR is anything, it's definitely eventful. When cars are driving about 200 mph you can almost expect a crash. Today was no exception.
Dale Jr car on fire
Dale Jr car on fire
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. caused a fiery crash in the 12th lap at the Duck Commander 500 causing poplar driver Jimmie Johnson to also wreck in the chaos. Dale Jr., as he's affectionately  known is taking the blame for the crash for clipping the front stretch grass on the 12th lap causing him to blowout his left front tire and then slam into the wall. His car then caught on fire. Dale Jr. said he didn't see the grass:
"I just didn't see the grass, didn't know the grass was there that close," he said in a Fox interview. "The way the A post is in these cars, you can't really see that good to that angle. I didn't have a good visual where the grass is. That's all.   "You can't run through (the grass) the way we've got these cars on the ground. Just a mistake on my part."
Johnson was behind Earnhardt and according to USA Today Sports:
 his No. 48 Chevrolet sustained damage to the windshield and front end. He restarted the race in 42nd after several pit stops for repairs – just ahead of Earnhardt, whose team was trying to fix the damage to send his car back on the track.
Yes, they do still try to fix the damage and return to the race! How about that?!! The good news is that both Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson are safe and unharmed.  Gentlemen keep starting your engines! Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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