Ahhhhh….”The Donald”. It used to be the name used when some crazy rhetoric was being spewed by real estate mogul Donald Trump. These days, it’s the name we use referring to the antics of Donald Sterling – the almost-sort-of-former-owner of the L.A. Clippers. This week, he’s declared war on the NBA, suing them fro $2 billion, then his wife and Family Trust for agreeing to sell the team, and NOW he’s hired a team of private investigators to dig up dirt on the NBA.

According to the AP from an anonymous source:

Investigators were given a six-figure budget over the next 30 days to examine the league’s finances, allegations of previous discriminatory conduct and compensation to past Commissioner David Stern and current Commissioner Adam Silver, said the person who spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday night on condition of anonymity. The person wasn’t authorized to talk publicly.


The person said the investigators also are looking into whether other owners made any off-color jokes, or racist or sexist remarks.


“The gloves are off, as they say,” the person said. “Have them dig up all the dirt they can find.”

Well, the digging may come a little too late. His name is mud, publicly and even if he does find dirt on the other NBA owners, it won’t make his situation any less dirty. It seems though Sterling is aware he’ll lose. He seems to have bigger goals in mind.

The anonymous person said Donald Sterling reluctantly agreed to hire private investigators after this week’s legal proceedings in probate court. The NBA submitted a legal filing Wednesday urging a judge to confirm Shelly Sterling’s authority to sell the team.

“He realized these guys will literally go to any low to get this sold,” the person said. “Even if it gets (him) nothing other than exposing all these guys and shaking up the league and seeing a change in the leadership of the league, it’ll be worth it to him.”

The firms will be engaged in an “audition” of sorts, the individual said: “whoever delivers the best (material) is going to stay on for the next round and it might be all four of them…29 owners is not a small undertaking.”

While he’s busy digging for dirt, he should know that you can’t dig up dirt on a person without getting a little on yourself. This should be interesting –especially if the P.I.’s start listening into private conversations. As it stands, it’s fair game.

I would stay off the phones if I were an NBA owner. 

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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