NY Giants get the bling with Super Bowl XLVI rings

In a private ceremony, the Super Bowl XLVI champs, the New York Giants, received their much anticipated Super Bowl rings.

The rings are embedded with Tiffany diamonds and encrusted with sapphires. Each ring features four Marquis diamonds in four Lombardi trophies (to represent the franchise's four titles), 37 blue sapphires and the dates of each Super Bowl title in franchise history. The inside of the rings include the words "finish" and "all in," psych-up words used by the team during its 2011 title run. The shanks have the score of this year's victory over the New England Patriots, the player's name and number, and the dates of New York's other Super Bowl triumphs. The players had a hand in the design of the ring, and this year, they wanted the color blue added in.  "The blue makes it a little different," Eli Manning said. "We wanted some blue -- the Giants are Big Blue. We definitely wanted to get a little blue to spark it up a little bit." I think the rings look classy, and while they don't have as much "bling" appeal as some past rings, I think it's fitting for a team who wants to exhibit a little class and style to go with their championship. Your JGF, ~Angela Davis *parts of this story contributed from YahooSports.com

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