(VIDEO) NY Giants head coach Tom Coughlin on daytime TV to promote new book

Tom Coughlin is not the most formidable figure when it comes to NFL coaches. He's not brash like New England Patriots' Bill Bellichick, or as smooth as the Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones--but don't under estimate him. His strength lies internal. His old school values of discipline and hard work have led the NY Giants to two Super Bowl championships. He "gets it', and now he's sharing those values in his new book, Earn The Right To Win.  Coughlin showed up looking quite suave on ABC's Kelly & Michael in a swanky black suit. Yes--Michael Strahan, former NY Giants defensive lineman who now calls Coughlin his mentor, talked with his former coach about his book and his philosophy which Coughlin remembers Strahan rebelling against in his early years on the team. Enjoy this clip: Tom Coughlin cleans up nicely! He really comes off as that favorite grandpa or uncle. Either way, you gotta love him--and respect him. He's earned it. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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