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Olympic Magic Continues for Mo Farah

Olympic Magic Continues for Mo Farah

After winning two gold medals two weeks ago at the London Olympics, Mo Farah and his wife welcome the birth of their twin daughters on Friday night.

Farah took to Twitter Saturday tweeting, “Twitter, saying “great news about the birth of my little baby girls! Twins…! Thanks to my wife..!! Shabba!!”

He plans to engrave their names on the gold medals he won in the 10,000m and 5,000m. The only problem is that that he and his wife had yet to agree on names.

Twins run in the Farah’s family. His identical twin, Hassan, lives in Somalia. The brothers were separated at the age of eight when Farah joined his father as an asylum seeker in London.

Now that he has twin girls, the runner is looking to add twin boys to the family in the coming years, by saying, “If my wife gives me two more twin boys then I’ll be a happy man.”

Congratulations to the Farah family.

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