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Packers fan finally gets season tickets after 34 year wait

Packers fan finally gets season tickets after 34 year wait

How long would you wait to get season tickets for your favorite team? Well, if you’re Todd Mommaerts you’d wait a long time.  He finally got season tickets for the Green Bay Packers after being on the wait list for over 34 years! His father put him on the list when he was nine-years-old, in 1979.

Wow! So what was the wait like. It seemed to be grueling at times, according to Mommaerts:

“There were some years when I never thought the day would come,” he said shortly before the Packers’ 22-9 win over the Detroit Lions earlier this month.


“Each year, they send you the postcard with your number on the list. You get excited but you keep looking at the big number. You keep thinking maybe this year, maybe next year … and it finally happened.”

Well, it happened thanks to a 7,000 seat expansion at Lambeau field which allowed about 3,800 people to become season ticket holders. Sounds like a nice move, right? Well, not exactly. Over 100,000 people remain on the list.

“We don’t keep track of the number of teams that have waiting lists, but the Packers have one of the most passionate fan bases in the world,” Brian McCarthy, Packers league spokesman said. “Many people put their newborn on the waiting list, and it may not be until 35 years later that they get a ticket. It’s pretty remarkable.”

It is!! The Packers have one of most loyal fanbases in the NFL and when people put their children on the list for season tickets when the average wait time is in decades, that really sends a message about the fans.

How long would you wait for season tickets for your team?

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~Angela Davis

*Thanks to USA Today Sports for this story

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