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Pacman Jones says he’s innocent of assault charges, but does it really matter?

Pacman Jones says he’s innocent of assault charges, but does it really matter?

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has not been the focus of the news for a while now, and that’s good. In the past he’s had a history of altercations and incidents with police that usually had a nightclub and/or strip club as the backdrop. His NFL career was threatened, but it seems he’s calmed down. Well, maybe.

Jones was arrested Monday for allegedly striking a woman on June 5th. Police say he was arrested on one count of assault for punching a female patron outside of a downtown Cincinnati bar. Jones says he’s innocent and his agent gave an account of the incident to ESPN saying that:

…Jones was approached by two intoxicated women who wanted to have their picture taken with the football player last Wednesday. When Jones refused, one of the women threw a beer bottle at him and Jones responded by slapping her.

Jones then commented on his innocence on Twitter:

“Just got arrested for protecting myself, I will not let this break me or change what I have work so hard for,” Jones wrote Monday.


Jones may be absolutely correct, and if so, he’s the victim–but does it matter? Jones has a history of bad decisions. While he cannot be held accountable for the actions of others, he can and should take a good look at his decisions. Was the nightclub the best place for him to be? Could he have walked away and had her arrested instead of slapping her?

Again, if his story is true, this woman behaved badly and should be prosecuted. However, Pacman Jones has to be more careful about where he goes and what protection is in place for him. The story becomes yet another incident about Pacman Jones. He’s the common denominator.

The person with the most to lose has the least amount of power.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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