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Pagano Returns to the Colts

Pagano Returns to the Colts

Citing business as usual, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano braved a blizzard and returned to football. Pagano arrived early to the team complex on Monday, where he held a brief team meeting outlining the week’s game plan, and then headed out to the practice field.

He didn’t miss a beat.

Pagano, has spent most of the season battling leukemia. In November, his oncologist pronounced him cancer free and in remission; last week he was cleared to return to coaching.

The Colts have kept their coach foremost in their minds this season posting a 9-3 record in his absence and positioning themselves as the number 5 seed. The Colts will open up the play-offs against either the Baltimore Colts or the New England Patriots. Even the cheerleaders got in on the act displaying solidarity as they shaved their heads in support of Pagano as he underwent chemotherapy.

Pagano plans to play all of his starters in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans in what would normally be a meaningless game with no play-off ramifications. For the Colts, every game has significance.

“Our families deserve it; our fans deserve to see our best game regardless of the circumstances. They’re going to roll the ball out there and our job is to win a ballgame and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Pagano when discussing his position.

Chuck, no matter who our team is, we think you deserve a win too.

Welcome Back.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Tatia Harris

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