Paul George says he won’t let paternity suit filed by a stripper distract him

The Pacers are focused on advancing to the NBA finals. To do that, they must beat the Miami Heat. Any and all distractions can be the difference be going on to the finals or going home. Paul George has a tiny distraction: a four-week old baby girl. Apparently a New York stripper is claiming he's the father of the baby, and she has filed a paternity suit.

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George said a paternity suit filed against him in New York on Wednesday will not be a distraction.

"Nah. Nah, not at all," the All Star said at Friday's shootaround in Miami.


The lawsuit was filed by a former stripper in Manhattan Family Court, alleging that George is the father of a four-week old baby girl. According to the Indy Star, George acknowledged the relationship with the woman filing the lawsuit back in February and said if the child is legally confirmed to be his, he would embrace it.

I'm assuming by "it" he means fatherhood and not the child.

What do you think?

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