Talk about a bad day! Czech Police released the photos of NHL Philadelphia Flyers winger Jakub Voracek’s Ferrari when he crashed the car into a tree in his native Kladno of the Czech Republic on Wednesday morning.

According to Yahoo! Sports via Sporttovni Noviny, Voracek

was driving too fast for a truck that wanted to turn and did not stop in time” and that the “luxury car then crashed into the left side of the truck, drove off the road, where it hit a power line pole and tree.

Voracek’s onsite breathalyzer test came back negative for alcohol. The good news is that Voracek was not injured. We can’t say that about his car, which is worth an estimated $147,715 US.

Voracek's car being towed after crash

Voracek’s car being towed after crash

Distant image of Voracek's Ferrari

Distant image of Voracek’s Ferrari

Side view of Ferrari

Side view of Ferrari


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