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Plans for an amazing Falcons stadium presented and approved (pics)

Plans for an amazing Falcons stadium presented and approved (pics)

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority approved the designs for the new Falcons stadium. On Monday the firm 360 Architecture and Falcons team officials presented their ideas for the design and it was met with approval. 

outside view of stadium

outside view of stadium

The plans as presented are amazing and if they pull this off, it will make the Cowboys stadium look like yesterday’s news. Here are some highlights of the design:

  • A retractable roof that somehow removes a side of the stadium so that you can see the city skyline. 
  • Translucent structures on the side. This looks amazing!! Can you imagine what the light will look like from inside the stadium?
  • There is a giant, 360-degree, LED Twitter feed going around the top of the stadium. Talk about integrating social media!! Can you imagine SEEING your tweet live during the game? 
Inside view of stadium

Inside view of stadium

This is insanity!! Crazy, beautiful, creative insanity. 

Now the team still needs to find the land to build the stadium along with other business matters that must be dealt with before they can official start building. The firm also noted that this is just a plan, and that actual construction could reveal something a bit different.

view of stadium inside at end zone

view of stadium inside at end zone

Whatever they come up with, if it’s anything close to this it will be THE stadium to be in for game.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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