It’s official that the NFL has gone fine-happy. Yeah the antics of T.O., Ochocinco and even Steve Smith may have warranted fines but the recent fine that was handed down to Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is just foolish.

During the week 6 game again the Steelers and the Jackson Jaguars, Polamalu left the game with what at the time was thought to be a concussion. While on the sidelines Polamalu borrowed a cell phone from one of the team doctors to call his wife, Theodora, to let her know that he was okay. A couple of days later Polamalu received a $10,000 fine for using a cell phone on the sideline during a game.

Really NFL???? When people called the NFL the ‘No Fun League’ I always thought that was a bit much, because some of the sideline and end zone antics had gotten a bit out of hand, but too fine a man for letting his wife know that he was okay from concussion-like symptoms is CRAZY!

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English

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