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The Help They’ve Been Looking For: Things Every Pro-Athlete Needs To Survive


Today’ athletes are more like celebrities. They’re into everything from lucrative endorsements, commercials, movies, television, fashion and beyond.

They’re also in more trouble. “Baby-mama-drama, legal troubles, mental health issues and financial woes seems to plague many of today’s athletes.

In an effort to help, Jersey Girl Sports has come up with the pro-athletes survival kit with everything an athlete needs to maintain a positive pro sports career and a positive life during and after the game:

1.  A good prayer life: Athletes need to be grounded, and a good prayer life is the perfect place to start. Millions of dollars, instant fame, material posessions at your disposal and near worship of adoring fans can make anyone feel like a god (notice the little ‘g’). Having spiritual perspective will keep you grounded and may curtail costly mistakes. Just ask Tiger Woods.

2.  A mental health provider: Remember those adoring fans? Well, they really only like you when you win games. When you stop winning, they stop liking you. In fact those adoring fans will be your biggest and harshest critics. Losing what you thought you had can be depressing and a good mental health provider and help you clear your mind and focus on what’s important. I wish T.O. would read this.

3.  An honest friend: Nothing brings on fairweather friends faster than money and fame, and since being a pro-athlete is now synonymous with celebrity, you’ll discover everybody wants to be your friend–until the money runs out.  A good friend will tell you what you NEED to hear, not just what you want to hear. He/she will be there for you through thick and thin and will be the one who as the Bible says, “will stick closer than a brother”.

4.  A good publicist: Athletes are notorious for putting their foot in their mouths. They’re always saying something or doing something or being somewhere or doing something with somebody they have no business doing. A good publicist will help shape an athlete’s image and get them positive press.

5.  A financial planner: T.O., Allen Iverson, and Evander Holyfield come to mind with this necessary tool. How does millions of dollars disappear? Very easily when you’re taking care of your family and friends and buying extravagant items you don’t need. A trusted financial planner will give sound advice and direction on how to manage  money to be able to live comfortably long after their career is over.

6.  Condoms: This should be self-explanatory. Strapping up will prevent alot of aggravation down the road.

7.  A good agent:  I believe this is one that might go above and beyond some of the others, because without a good agent who knows where your athletic career will take you in the long run. A good agent could be the difference from playing in the league for three years to playing the league for 13. Plus this “good” agent will help you with life after the game and make that transition.  

Now if every athlete would take our thoughts and steps to heart, who knows were they could end up personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.

Your J.G.F.,

Angela Davis

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