Dallas (AP) ~We’re going to file this story under “SMH”. According to prosecutors, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent has violated the conditions of his parole and want it revoked.

In case you’ve forgotten, Brent is out on $100,000 bond after a drunk driving accident on December 8th which took the life of Cowboys practice squad player  Jerry Brown Jr., a passenger in the car. Police say Brent had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit for driving. Per the conditions of his bond, he has a device which monitors his blood-alcohol level. Tampering with this device is a violation of his bond, and according to prosecutors the device alerted such tampering. 

Brent’s career is on hold pending the outcome of the trial which is scheduled for sometime in the fall. In the meantime he should play is straight, leave the alcohol alone and stay out of trouble. Tampering with the device and/or drinking is not only stupid it makes it difficult for the Cowboys to stand behind him, which they’ve done. It’s also a disgusting slap in the face for Brown’s family.

If he can’t stay away from alcohol, his bond should be revoked. If not, when will he learn?

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis