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Rafael Nadal speaks out about PED use in sports: “Those who are cheating, (should) pay for their cheating”

Rafael Nadal speaks out about PED use in sports: “Those who are cheating, (should) pay for their cheating”

VINA DEL MAR, Chile (AP) —Tennis phenom Rafael Nadal is the latest athlete to speak out about the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in sports. Since Lance Armstrong’s confession about his use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the latest scandal with PED use in the MLB along with future testing in the NBA, it seems everyone has an opinion.

Nadal thinks that testing should be made public.

”If I go through a lot – or very few doping controls – people should know,” he said. ”Though I went for seven months without competing, I went through a lot of tests.”

”I don’t have to justify anything,” he added. ”This information should be open to the public.”

Top tennis players are subject to random testing without warning or notice, and while Nadal supports this, he thinks athletes should also be respected. He thinks making it public can restore the bad image sports has regarding the use of PEDs among athletes.

”The important thing is that those who are cheating, pay for their cheating,” Nadal said. ”With Armstrong the image of sport has been damaged, especially in the case of cycling. The important thing is for sport to clean up its image, that the controls are made public.

”They should do the tests they need to do, but they should be done respecting the athlete. From my point of view, this has not always happened.”

This idea of making public the drug testing could be a way to keep athletes more accountable. It could also place professional sports under scrutiny. Some professional leagues like the MLB and the Olympics have more rigorous and aggressive testing while others like the NFL and the NBA are more passive.

Athletes should be held accountable to play the game with integrity. They make enough money to maintain their skill, and the use of PEDs taints public perception about the sports figure and the game as a whole.

This conversation about PEDs will continue, and it will be interesting to see how pro leagues respond.

What do you think? Should the testing of pro athletes be made public?

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