Rape case in Miami against Darren Sharper dropped due to lack of evidence

Before you conclude Darren Sharper is guilty and lock him up and throw away the key, think again. A recent case in Miami, Florida against Sharper has been dropped due to lack of evidence. The Florida assistant state attorney said:
"It is a one-on-one allegation. It is a delayed disclosure. The subject has made no admission...No physical evidence. Inconsistent statements made by the victim regarding knowledge of the people she was with night/morning of the incident as well as her description of the sex itself. No corroborating witnesses, despite detective's best efforts to locate the people the victim said were present the night/morning of this incident."
Wow! Well this is an interesting turn of events. While other cases in four other states including Arizona, California, where he's been held without bail since February 27th,  Las Vegas and Louisiana are still pending it'll be interesting to see how these cases start to unfold. According to Sharper's attorney the stories of some of the alleged victims are not consistent and evidence is turning out  to be "partial" matches to Sharper's DNA. Whatever unfolds, we'll be watching. The dropping of this case may  mirror other cases which may make people wonder if Sharper really is guilty. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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