Ravens’ Jacoby Jones denies altercation with stripper Sweet Pea, “There was no altercation”

In an interview with local Baltimore radio station WJZ-FM, Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones admitted he was on teammate Bryant McKinnie's party bus, but denied getting hit in the head with a Ace of Spades bottle by a stripper named 'Sweet Pea'.
"I'm going to take the responsibility that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Jones told WJZ-FM in Baltimore, via ESPN.com. "There was no altercation. There's nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong but I take responsibility for being in wrong place at the wrong time. Enough said. I apologize to my teammates and everybody."
 Well, even Sweet Pea backed up Jones' story responding in Twitter saying she had a
 "verbal confronation with Jones and that was it!!!!"
Hmmm.... I'm not sure I believe either of them, but it's over now. Coach John Harbaugh said the incident wasn't "anything to be proud of" but seemed to find the incident interestingly funny.  It won't be funny if Jones' gets in trouble again. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend,  ~Angela Davis

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