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Ray Lewis to join ESPN as an analyst

Ray Lewis to join ESPN as an analyst

It seems rumors that Ray Lewis’ next career move would be behind a desk in front of a camera as an analyst  were true. According to

“at a launch event in New York City for a new ESPN Films documentary series, ESPN president John Skipper confirmed the hire when asked how comfortable he was with the possibility of Lewis as an NFL analyst. The Ravens linebacker will have a significant role next fall as an NFL analyst on the network’s Monday Night Countdown program and will also appear on Sunday NFL Countdown and SportsCenter.

This is not really a surprise Jersey Girl Sports fam. Deion Sanders hinted at this in Lewis’ post-Super Bowl game interview on NFL Network. While John Skipper confirmed Lewis’ position with the organization, an official announcement has not been made because the contract hasn’t actually been signed as of yet.

And what about Lewis’ past? Well, it’s in the past. It seems ESPN believes that people can change. Skipper said:

“Obviously, we decided we were comfortable with it. We must have because we did it. I will tell you we did remind ourselves of some of the issues. We sort of decided that the NFL welcomed him back into the fold and the fans welcomed him back into the fold. I think we are fine with second chances and we think he will make great television. Ultimately, we were comfortable with it.”

All in all Ray Lewis is a logical choice. He’s engaging, fun, and interesting to watch. Executives at all the major sports networks agreed saying:

“Ray Lewis has an intensity about him and a way of communicating that is very infectious,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said at the time. “He is a bigger-than-life personality, very articulate and [has] an incredible passion for the game. If Ray Lewis decided to take that same passion and put it into a broadcasting career, I think he would be a terrific studio analyst or, I imagine, game analyst, too.”

And we agree! It’s going to be great seeing Ray Lewis on TV during the NFL season.

What do you think? 

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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