My Jersey Girl Body: My Story

Jersey Girls, I LOVE to eat! I really do! Especially during sporting events! I enjoy trying new foods, new restaurants, and I’m an emotional eater—the good kind. (wink-wink) What I mean by that is, I like to celebrate a great day with a piece of Godvia chocolate, or after a particularly hard day, I really enjoy a nice glass of wine—or two.  I especially like to bring “snacks” to professional games, munching along while watching some of my favorite hotties! However, at 5’10” I have to be mindful of the results of all this “good food”. I was feeling good, but packing in ALOT of calories.

Now, I’ve come to really enjoy working out. Jersey Girls, I’ve come to consider my workouts my sport of choice. I look forward to my morning runs or my hour at the gym. In fact, if and when I cannot get a workout in, I often feel fat and uninspired. I guess there’s something to those endorphins that kick in during my ‘sweat-fest’. My workouts are what I need to release stress, clear my mind and focus on my day ahead. I’ve learned to not take my iPhone, because I could receive a call and be tempted to answer. So, I just bring my iPod; it’s just me, my music and melodic motivation!

I haven’t always been like this. I can remember absolutely dreading the idea of going to the gym, and the hour-long workouts were like pure torture for me. Then, something happened. I lost five pounds. Then another five, and then another five pounds! I was on a roll! Then when I started losing inches, wow! I was getting into jeans and pants I previously couldn’t get past my knees. I discovered my waist line and found a new appreciation for my arms and shapely legs, (thanks Mom!). Now, that hour of torture was my own personal challenge: to see how much weight I could lose. I wanted to see how fabulous I could absolutely be. The challenge continued–now I had to master eating right.

I realized how much power food had over me and reasserted my power over food. The truth is that real weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You really ARE what you eat. The first few weeks were a struggle. I kept a food journal to actually see what I was eating. Still,  I CRAVED sugars, bread, pasta and all kinds of desserts. To avoid the temptation, I stopping buying it altogether and focused on high fiber, low sugar carbs. I allowed myself one cup of juice/day. Water for the rest of the day. Even some cereals had to go! I did allow myself one “cheat” day where I could go “crazy” at one meal. After a while, I didn’t even do that and, my body made the adjustment. I was all the better for it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still like my chocolate– I just I didn’t have to eat the ENTIRE piece of Godiva chocolate; I could have just a small piece. (My BFF still cracks up laughing over this!) I can still enjoy a glass of wine—every now and then. More importantly, I’ve come to appreciate this body God gave me and, since I’ll get one body in this lifetime I’ll do my best to take care of it inside and out. I love watching my jersey girl body change into a thinner, leaner me—all the while knowing this thing about health and fitness, is a lifestyle worth living!

Your JGF

~Angela Davis