JOHANNESBURG (AP), Jon Gambrell — Just days after her shocking, untimely death, a reality TV show featuring Reeva Steenkamp aired in South Africa. 

Steenkamp was the girlfriend of paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius. She was shot dead by Pistorius on Thursday, Valentine’s Day, in his home in South Africa. 

Steenkamp filmed the show in Jamaica last year, and her family says that one of her wishes prior to her death was for them to watch her on the show. The family was not contacted by the production company prior to the show being aired, but they are comforted by the release.

”Her last words to us personally were that she wants us to watch it,” Sharon Steenkamp said, hours before the program was shown.

The South African Broadcasting Company, SABC, aired the reality show, “Tropika Island of Treasure“,  which prominently features Steenkamp enjoying the island and having fun. Steenkamp’s cousin, Sharon said that Reeva was proud of being on the show.

The show’s executive producer, Samantha Moon, said going ahead with the show ”is what she would have wanted.”

Reeva Steenkamp enjoys a boat ride during filming of TV show

Reeva Steenkamp enjoys a boat ride during filming of TV show

Her family and friends agree and are struggling with the death of someone they so dearly loved. Steenkamp apparently talked about a person’s impact on life saying:

”I think the way that you go out, not just your journey in life, but the way that you go out and the way you make your exit is so important,” Steenkamp says in the video. ”You either made an impact in a positive or a negative way, but just maintain integrity and maintain class and just remain true to yourself.

”I’m going to miss you all so much and I love you very, very much.”

We’ll keep the Steenkamp family in our prayers.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis