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Redskins’ RG3 Makes Cover of GQ Magazine’s Annual NFL Issue

Redskins’ RG3 Makes Cover of GQ Magazine’s Annual NFL Issue

Guess who’s on the cover of GQ Magazine’s annual NFL kick-off issue? None other than Washington Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin III.

After an amazing first season where he led his team to win the NFC East for the first time since 1999, RG3 is donning the cover of GQ with his signature braids, that infectious smile and playful attitude.

We constantly read articles about athletes but Brendan Vaughan of GQ told amazing story that lets fans and non-fans alike cheer for the 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year. There are so many things that I love about this article, but the one that sticks out is that we get an opportunity see a side of RG3 that many of us have not seen before.

The article tells us about what was going through the mind of RG3 when he returned from his injury, to hearing about how RG2 (his dad) sees his son as a QB in the National Football League.


One interesting thing that I learned was that RG3 had never had alcohol…that’s right NEVER…

“Never had a drop. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I’ve never done any drugs. I need my body to be at its peak performance, and I want to have a long career, and alcohol can inhibit that sometimes. And I don’t need to get in trouble because I went out and got drunk one night and I don’t know how to be drunk. But she”—he nodded at Rebecca, his wife, who sat with us for part of the interview—”drinks, and I don’t judge, and what I’ve told her a bunch of times is the first time I drink, I’ll drink with her. When I’m done playing and I retire, and it’s time for me to go sit in a big house and do nothing all day, I’m going to drink. You know?”


Then my favorite experts from the article is the bond that he has with his mother…

RG3 and his mom have a long-running tradition. Every week during football season, normally on Thursday or Friday, he sits down in front of her and she braids his hair. “In the military, it was very important that you kept your appearance neat and tidy,” says Jackie. “You don’t want him to be all messed up. You want him to look nice and neat and putting his best foot forward.”


There’s nothing superstitious or ritualistic about it, it’s just a “bonding time” for mother and son to sit quietly and catch up. They talk about life, and they talk about football. About playing smart and playing safe. They talk about being grateful for all they have, about maintaining a constant relationship with God. Not outwardly, so everyone has to hear it, but inwardly. Privately. And sometimes, when they’ve finished talking, they’ll put their hands together and do the same thing that, if all goes according to plan, many of us will be doing the first time RG3 sprints into hostile Eagles territory: “Just praying.”

I don’t want to give away the whole article or the amazing stories of RG3, I know I might be a little bias since I’ve been a Skins’ fan since ’79, but this kid is really something special.

For more on RG3 in GQ, plus a behind the scenes video and the photo shoot gallery, click here.

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Marcelle English

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