This time last year we were waiting to find out whether Robert Griffin III was headed to Indianapolis or D.C., days later we got our answer and RG3 the Washington Redskins Rookie QB was born.

One year later it’s evident that the fans (not just Skins fans) are in love with RG3 and the proof is his No. 10 was the most sold jersey in one year than any other jersey in league history.

According to Darren Rovell in an ESPN report, the RG3 jersey even outsold the ‘comeback kid’ Peyton Manning, whose No. 18 Broncos jersey sold the third-most in a single year. The other jerseys that made the cut include Brett Favre’s Vikings (2009) and Jets jerseys (2008) are the second and fourth best-sellers in a single season. The NFL would not provide the exact dollar amount of sales or how many jerseys were sold.

Another interesting piece of NFL merchandise news, even though the San Francisco 49ers lost the Baltimore Ravens, the 49ers fans stepped up and allowed the 49ers to have the most NFL merchandise sold last season.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English